We devote ourselves to PEACE. HARMONY. JOY. COMMUNITY. LOVE. 

to serve from those spaces of BEing. 

Join us, on a LOVE-O-LUTION mission, come back and circle in celebration, 

this vision, of unification, in co-creation, of this loving NEW HEARTH nation.


For all our ancestors, for all our relations. 

For all our souls, seeking to return back home, communing heart to heart, 

walking side by side, in and with LOVE.

 We breathe this prayer awake, we dedicate it to you Pachamama Spirit, 

For all you gift us, for your love, we offer it back to you, MA.


Imagine a sacred tribe village, with offerings of Live music, yoga, meditation, healing & movement arts, ecstatic dance & cacao ceremonies, kirtan and singing circles, sound temple, kids haven, inspiring markets with interactive performances, evening concerts & late night bonfires.

 4 days of sacred play, dissolving into the spirit of Mother earth, embracing the elements of our nature, in ritual and ceremony, together.


Come as you are, leave refreshed, inspired, connected, in LOVE!!

This festival is our collective prayer, to open our spirits, to unite in the heart, to give & receive, to Connect with each other, and to our true authentic beingness,

becoming a transmission of light, a channel for Healing, collectively

weaving this web of awakening and celebrating the sacred rhythms of Pachamama, in all her Glory!!

Wander between the different zones and explore the element of each day,

reconnecting deeply with it & expressing through it,

with international and local Space holders and Facilitators -

then unite in ceremony and celebrate as one

with live ecstatic orchestras, World class DJ’s and Singers. 

Beloved family, shining humans, welcome to Pachamama Spirit Festival: a sacred journey back to Earth, on the crystal island of Koh Phangan, Thailand.




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