LABrakadabra & TRASH HERO

LABracadabra is an arts, movement, and sustainability LAB nestled in the coconut groves of Koh Phangan, Thailand. We provide a space to practice, develop and share knowledge for crafts, movement arts and sustainable living.

Founded by three friends from different backgrounds, LABracadabra is a place for everyone and anyone to make magic.

We operate as a small participative artist residency, where balance is sought between private space, community living via shared responsibility, expanding our skill sets through co-working on projects and growing a zero waste lifestyle.

We are always finding new ways to divert trash from it's saddening fate : the landfill.
At our own little scale, that mostly means upcycling!!! We are constantly brainstorming new ways to make treasures with what's laying around unwanted, in order to repurpose waste and change the way we consume.
We develop and show these hacks to you so you can share them with even more people! 

Check out the Ecovillage’s schedule and come learn how to Upcycle Tetrapaks, T-shirts and be part of a collective art project using HDPE bottle caps!

e also built a Waste Sorting station that’ll help you learn how to eco process common household trash items, and we will be sharing with you some tips to avoid producing waste by teaming up with Trash Hero!

The sample of DIY LAB Sessions we offer at Pachamama are part of our Upcycling Hacks Series designed to help tune our minds into a different way of looking at the materials we use to make our projects.

Following this vision, we provide space and equipment for artists who want to share their skills and knowledge through our LAB Sessions (aka workshops).

We also provide space, tools and materials to external makers and flowmies to let their creativity out and learn from the community. We call those MAKERS & FLOW LAB Passes which grants unlimited access to our spaces for a set period of time.

Last but not least, as a group of makers, qualified circus people and pyrotechnicians, we also produce custom handmade items such as fire props, clothing, costumes, accessories, jewelry and more!

(You can find more info on the event and Services sections of our Facebook page, Message us or drop by during visiting hours for further details )



At LABracadabra, we find new ways to divert trash from it's saddening fate: the landfill.

Sustainable living is never a black and white story, and Tetra Pak is a very good example of this notion...
This material is close to impossible to recycle at an industrial level as it is composed of at least 4 different materials : plastic, paper, aluminium and binding glue.
On the other hand, the use of Tetra Pak has greatly extended the longevity of the UV sensitive edible products it contains such as juices, milk etc... which has helped reduce food waste.

So what to do???

We feel it is our responsibility as individuals to make the best use we can of what we consume and being conscious in our consumption;
Thus we Upcycle! Want to know how?
Then come discover the many ways you can reuse Tetra Pak to make new things such as wallets, boxes and pretty origamis!! Start saving your Tetra Packagings today following the instructions on the picture below, as this is your chance to build some new Eco habits and start processing your trash in a way it can be reused :)

The change starts with YOU, TODAY !!

Want to know how to Process your Tetra Pak the right way? Here is our “instructables” to show you how!

Let's weave it up!
Palm trees are all around us on Koh Phangan, and their leaves are a great sustainable material to make natural crafts.
These baskets make great storage boxes and biodegradable pots for baby plants....
Wanna learn how to make them?
Then this DIY LAB Session is for you!


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