We created this pachamama spirit space, inspired by the conscious movement of the world traveling souls, space to really connect and make a change in human evolution, a space to feel free, yet aware of the planet we are living on.

The pachamama spirit festival is a drug free high experience - no drugs or alcohol is permitted in any part of the pachamama spirit village, we will be high on life, high of unity and high by connection.

The space will be open for us to celebrate all day long, and if you wish to camp you may do so for the night, but it is recommended to sleep in your hotel or any other accommodation you have on the island. Koh phangan is a small island and you will find your way to the venue easily every day in the morning.

We will have few zones in the festival, these zones are sacred and we keep Nobel silence once we are there, No talking with each other, No pictures with your phone or camera, and No shoos while participating in the ceremonies, workshops or dances. we will have a special film crew to document the event, they are the only ones permitted to film - and by joining this festival you automatically agree to be filmed.

This festival is a space of respect for each other and for our mother nature, plastic is not allowed, please bring your own bottle from glass or metal, collect your garbage and keep your space clean. 

PLEASE respect these guidelines, they are important so we can all feel free to express and feel comfortable. 

We will update these guidelines in the next coming weeks, just before the festival, please come here again and read all about it...




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