The Red Tent is a place we share with each other an easier way to BE women in this world, where we come into deeper understanding with our bodies and each other's, specifically created as a place in service to the Divine Feminine. This space is open to all those living as women and desiring a deeper relationship with their feminine bodies/wombs.


This timeless tradition observed by ancient cultures serves as a regular forum for empowering women’s sense of selfhood.  Originally erected as a communal space for women to find support and share wisdom during their period, the modern Red Tent movement is now in a resurgence across the planet as a safe space for all women to gather in solidarity, regardless of where you are in your monthly cycle.  The Jade Temple of Koh Phangan is delighted to be curating the Red Tent at Pachamama Spirit Festival.


The Jade Temple is Koh Phangan’s Center for Women, co-created by a team of sisters brought together in the magic of this crystal island.  Hilary, Imaya & Namjai welcome all sisters with open arms. We offer you a place to discover, relax, and be as true to yourself as you delight to be.


On the island, The Jade Temple provides a permanent physical space to come together for healing, connection and deepening into a more pleasurable and full experience of this life as woman.  We offer women’s circles, Taoist feminine practices, pelvic floor health, guided jade egg journeys, full & new moon rituals, and immersive retreats to discover, reclaim & celebrate the power that lies within every woman’s body, heart and spirit.


Join us anytime during the festival to meet, play, relax & BE together in this held space of sisterhood.

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